Many of our designs are available in kit form for do-it-yourself builders. We have sold many kits over the years to first-time experimenters as well as seasoned cabinetmakers. The plans and drawings we supply are based on a standard rectangular cabinet which is the easiest method of construction. We can also work with you to modify your cabinet for a more complicated design.

If you’re looking for something a little different let us know as we often make customized kits for DIY builders. The cost is very reasonable and you may create something to your exact specifications.


Why purchase a kit from us?

  • Drivers are picked from more than one supplier. This allows us to choose the best part for the application. With some kit providers your choices can be very limited.

  • We test the design in the actual enclosure and then follow up with listening tests and make further crossover adjustments if needed. None of our designs are untested simulations so you can expect the performance to be consistent with our graphs and measurements.

  • You have the option of supplying parts for the design - such as drivers you have on hand or cabinets for testing.

  • Prefer not to build your own cabinet? Drop an email or call as we may be able to help.

  • Unlimited support via email or phone.