Tono or "tone" is just that - an engaging speaker that won't break the bank yet offers performance way beyond what you might expect. The 6.5" 2-way is perhaps the most classic of any speaker design. Driver integration is the key here and this combination really works!

With a front port and moderate size cabinet placement is very flexible. Bass extension is great enough that many audiophiles won't need a subwoofer; however, if you want more output in the lowest octave then a smaller sealed version is available for use with a sub. The carbon fiber and Rohacell composite cone provides excellent detail and the ribbon tweeter adds transparent and extended highs.



  • Design:   6.5" 2-way
  • Drivers:   SB Acoustics carbon fiber-Rohacell woofer,  BZ Labs ribbon tweeter
  • Frequency Response:   (+/-3dB) 45hz-20K  
  • Bass Extension:    -10dB @ 29hz
  • Impedance:   4.5 ohms/nominal, 4 ohms/minimum
  • Sensitivity:   86dB /1W/1M
  • Suggested Power:   30-100 watts/channel RMS
  • Dimensions:   20"(H) x 8"(W) x 14"(D) (tapers to 4.5" wide on the rear)
  • Weight:   30 lbs.
  • Finishes: Walnut,Cherry,Oak, and Satin Black (custom finishes available upon request)
  • Pricing:   $1,750/pair  (includes free shipping to the mainland USA)

Measurement Graphs