The Tempesta has been our most popular speaker over the last several years. Due to production changes at Accuton the ceramic dome midrange (C50) has been replaced with a new model, the C51. The "MK2" version  has a completely revised crossover to integrate the new "cell" midrange. The goal was to retain the performance virtues of the original design while taking advantage of the capabilities of the C51.

Though it looks similar on the outside you'll notice that the frame surrounding the ceramic dome is now gone. The driver is now mounted via an expanding o-ring which is located slightly behind the front of the midrange. Behind the front of the C51 the Accuton engineers completely redesigned the rear chassis and motor system. The result is a very linear transducer with low distortion. The original C50 was quite good in these two respects and improving the performance was no small task!

The overall performance and specifications are very close to the original Tempesta design but the new midrange does offer some advantages. With closer driver spacing the vertical coverage is smoother and the mid's frequency response is more linear with lower distortion. While the differences are subtle they do make the MK2 a step up. 





  • Design: 7" 3-way

  • Drivers: Scan-Speak Illuminator woofer, Accuton C51 dome midrange, RAAL 70-10D-AM ribbon tweeter

  • Frequency Response: (+/- 2dB) 200hz-20K

  • Bass Extension: (-3dB) @ 45hz and (-10dB) @ 26hz

  • Impedance: 5 ohms/nominal, 3.7 ohms/minimum

  • Sensitivity: 86dB

  • Suggested Power: 40-150 watts/channel RMS

  • Dimensions: 21"(H) x 9"(W) x 13"(D) (rectangular cabinet)

  • Weight: 42 lbs. (each / assembled)

  • Kit Price: $2,950/pr. (includes assembled crossovers, drivers, damping material, and misc. parts)

  • Options: Grill cloth, cabinets, and grill magnets

  • Shipping: Free to the mainland USA

Measurement Graphs