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The Tempesta is our top monitor and most popular speaker. The focus was to create a 3-way that fits into what usually would be considered a 2-way cabinet. The benefits of smoother dispersion and greater detail are evident. Each driver is allowed to operate in a more conservative fashion and is optimized for the frequency range it covers. The result is superior imaging and very refined sound.


  • Design:   7" 3-way
  • Drivers:   Scan-Speak 18WU4747 Illuminator woofer, Accuton C50 dome midrange, RAAL 70-10D ribbon tweeter
  • Frequency Response:   (+/- 2dB) 200hz-20K
  • Bass Extension:   (-3dB) @ 45hz and (-10dB) @ 26hz
  • Impedance:   5 ohms/nominal, 4 ohms/minimum
  • Sensitivity:   85.5dB 
  • Suggested Power:   40-150 watts/channel RMS
  • Dimensions:   22"(H) x 9"(W) x 14.8"(D)
  • Weight:   40 lbs.
  • Kit Price: $2,295/pair (includes free shipping to the mainland USA)
  • What's Included:   Everything you'll need except for the cabinets and damping material.
  • Options:   Pre-cut Parts Express / Dayton cabinets and 18"x24" Sonic Barrier damping sheets - quotes available upon request.

Measurement Graphs