The Essenza ("essence") came about from a collaboration between us, our customer, and Lee Taylor. As some of you may know Lee has garnered a fine reputation for his cabinetry with George Short and North Creek Music. Pictured here are Lee's cabinets and his styling nicely compliments the design we created.

The 3-way system consists of dual SB Acoustics Satori 7.5" woofers, Satori 5" for midrange duty, and Scan-Speak beryllium dome. The 3" flared port her is placed on the rear but may be located on the front if desired. With a true 90dB sensitivity this speaker will play very loud with a moderate amount of power. 


  • Design: Dual 7.5" 3-way

  • Drivers: SB Acoustics Satori 7.5" woofer, SB Acoustics Satori 5" midbass, Scan-Speak beryllium dome tweeter

  • Frequency Response: (+/-3dB) 43hz-20K

  • Bass Extension: -10dB @ 24hz

  • Impedance: 4 ohms/nominal, 3.3 ohms/minimum

  • Sensitivity: 90dB /1W/1M

  • Suggested Power: 30-150 watts/channel RMS

  • Dimensions: 40"(H) x 9"(W) x 15"(D)

  • Weight: 75 lbs.

  • What’s Included? : Everything you’ll need except for the cabinets.

  • Options : Grill cloth and grill magnets

  • Kit Price: $1,995/pair (includes free shipping to the mainland USA)

Measurement Graphs