I've always liked the mini-monitor format as it was my first real "high end" speaker before I started building my own designs. From time to time I receive requests for smaller sealed box speakers. The problem is that most woofers are engineered for the greatest bass extension with ported cabinets. The 5" aluminum cone woofer in the Compatto is one of the rare exceptions and it also has the longer excursion capability that is needed due to the demands of a sealed design.

The above pictures were taken at an audiophile gathering in Raleigh,NC and the Compatto received many good comments. The prototype pair is actually a previous design ("Aureality") that was changed to a new ribbon tweeter. This is the same unit used in the Anniversario and Decennio models and is a perfect match for the woofer.

The Compatto is versatile for use in different applications - a high end desktop monitor, nearfield listening, smaller 2-channel rooms, and surround speakers. We can voice the crossover to match your location of the speaker.


  • Design:  5" 2-way
  • Drivers:  Dayton aluminum cone woofer, custom ribbon tweeter
  • Frequency Response (+/- 3dB) 66hz-20K 
  • Bass Extension:   -10dB @ 45hz 
  • Impedance:   5 ohms / nominal, 4.5 ohms / minimum
  • Sensitivity:   82dB / 1W / 1M 
  • Suggested Power:   50-100 watts/channel RMS
  • Dimensions :  12" (H) x 7.5" (W) x 11" (D)  (4.5" width / rear)
  • Weight :   18 lbs.
  • Shipping Weight (pair):   46 lbs.
  • Kit Price:   $595/pair (includes free shipping to the mainland USA)
  • What's Included:   Everything you'll need except for the cabinets and damping material. 
  • Options:   Acousta-Stuff damping material and pre-cut cabinets (quotes available upon request)
  • Cabinets:    Dayton .25 cubic ft. available from Parts Express

Measurement Graphs