While planning for the 2019 California Audio Show we decided to unveil a new reference speaker. Based on feedback from the show we nailed it! The Cali4 checks all of the boxes.

This was also going to be my personal set and I wanted to have a speaker that offered a high level of performance without being too large that it dominated my room visually. There was also a desire to make it flexible, totally passive in standard form, but also with an option for bi-amping with a DSP crossover. Elements of previous designs were also integrated into the Cali4, such as the use of a dome midrange and a 4-way configuration.

No less than three driver manufacturers were chosen to be incorporated into the design. The virtues of a 4-way are apparent in lower distortion, better vertical and horizontal coverage, and limiting a driver to the frequency range where it performs best. The challenge is to optimally integrate everything into a cohesive output. That’s where the crossover really becomes important as small changes in one area have an effect on other parts of the frequency response and tonal balance.

Though the speaker is only 36” high the front baffle is angled slightly back to act as if the speaker is taller. The vertical coverage is also very neutral with little change in tonal balance from a seated to standing listening position. With wide horizontal dispersion and a smooth off-axis response the imaging and soundstage placement is exceptionally good.





  • Design: 11" 4-way

  • Drivers: Scan-Speak Revelator woofer, SB Acoustics Satori midbass, Morel dome midrange, Scan-Speak 1” beryllium dome tweeter

  • Frequency Response: (+1/- 3dB) 42hz-20K

  • Bass Extension: (-3dB) @ 42hz and (-10dB) @ 24hz

  • Impedance: 4 ohms/nominal, 3 ohms/minimum

  • Sensitivity: 85dB / 2.83v / 1M

  • Suggested Power: 100-250 watts/channel RMS

  • Dimensions: 36"(H) x 8.3125"(W) x 13"(D / bottom and 8.25”/top)

  • Weight: 70 lbs. (each) (shipping weight 240 lbs. / pair with crate and pallet)

  • Standard Finishes: Walnut, Maple, Cherry, and Oak veneers - $6,995/pr. (other veneers available upon request)

  • Custom Options: Input configurations for bi-wiring, passive bi-amping, and bi-amping with a DSP crossover

  • Shipping: Free to the mainland USA (contact us for a quote if you’re located in a different area)

Measurement Graphs