As tax time arrives I look back on 2015 and consider what will be done in the coming months. 2015 was a good year for my business, especially considering that other speaker companies are having financial problems and struggling to survive.  So how do we manage to thrive in a difficult time?

First, I came out of a electronics manufacturing background in a very competitive environment. Experience with smaller and large Fortune 500  companies taught me how to purchase wisely, control costs, and operate efficiently. We turn inventory very quickly which minimizes the cost of storing inventory plus it allows us to respond quickly to changes in the audio industry by offering new products based on the latest technology. 

Secondly, our focus has always been on quality and not quantity. We build to order and have no desire to create a high volume business. Nothing is ever built to a price point - I simply work with the parts I think are best for the design and price it accordingly. Speaking of price, I feel we can compete with anyone not only because we sell direct but also due to how we operate. No, we are not the cheapest; however, you'll find it difficult to find comparable speakers that offer the same type of performance and value.

Last of all, but certainly not the least, is that I strive to maintain strong business ethics and excellent customer service. Building custom designs takes time so we always give customers an expected delivery date based on the complexity of their order. We won't make you wait for several months and avoid communication - that's not how we operate. If there is a delay we will let you know and be honest about issues that arise (no manufacturer is immune to problems). Repeat business is important and I'm not here just to make a sale and then move on to the next opportunity.

Thanks to everyone who helped make 2015 a success and I look forward to serving new customers in the coming year!

Rick Craig