The dumbing down of audio...

In an effort to save space (both physical and bandwidth), reduce cost, and increase portability we have what I refer to as the "dumbing down of audio". It's really not a new concept, considering past changes such as the 8-track alternative to reel-to-reel or the cassette to vinyl. Today it's represented by file compression for delivery over the Net, mostly pathetic soundbars, and pill-shaped Bluetooth speakers (the latter mainly just a modern version of the old table radio).

Being an audiophile non-conformist I've rejected most of these ideas, with the exception of cheap compressed streaming - like that I'm listening to right now as I type. Hey, it allows me to hear lots of new music which if I like it enough I purchase a disc!

I guess what prompted me to write this is that I recently read that only about 10% of the 18-35 age group have a component system, with the 90% majority streaming over soundbars and the like. Part of this is the failure of high-end audio companies to provide products at a reasonable cost and communicate the benefits of better audio. We also need to be able to adapt to changes in the market - turntables still can produce great sound but to ignore digital and streaming will only put another nail in the coffin.  

Yes, I've considered designing some soundbars and wireless speakers. We'll see (or hear) what happens!