Ancora (or "anchor" in Italian) is the first center channel anywhere to feature the SB Acoustics Satori 5" and 6.5" drivers. With a lineage dating back many years to famous Danish speaker designs the Satori drivers are combined with a Scan-Speak Illuminator dome tweeter. Performance that far exceeds the modest price!

A sealed box design transitions smoothly to your subwoofer. The 90db sensitivity allows modest power to be used and still have plenty of output. With very low distortion vocals and dialogue are handled with ease.



  • Design:   Dual 6.5" 3-way
  • Drivers:   Satori 6.5" woofers, Satori 5" midbass, Scan-Speak Illuminator dome tweeter
  • Frequency Response:   (+/- 3dB) 60hz-20K
  • Bass Extension:   (-3dB) @ 60hz and (-10dB) @ 39hz
  • Impedance:   4 ohms / nominal, 3 ohms / minimum
  • Sensitivity:   90dB 
  • Suggested Power:   50-150 watts/channel RMS
  • Dimensions:   22" (W) x 9" (H) x 14" (D)
  • Weight:   45 lbs.
  • Standard Veneers:   Oak, Maple, Walnut, Cherry (other veneers quoted upon request)
  • Pricing:   $1,695/each (includes free shipping to the mainland USA)

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